Why is it great to be irish?

Today, I will help you understand why you can be proud of being Irish or why you must travel here to discover this fabulous country. Do you want to know more about it, or don’t you understand why it is so special? It does not matter; I will make you fall in love with it.

Some information:

First of all, Ireland is an island located in the North West of Europe. It is divided into two countries: Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom and The Republic of Ireland. The official language is English, but people continue learning Gaelic. Gaelic is the antique language which was spoken before English and which belonged to Ireland.

Who could you meet there?

Secondly, Ireland is a very mystic and secret country... According to legends, it is full of incredible creatures like the famous Leprechaun which can grant you three wishes, the frightening Merrow who will seduce you, the Pooka and many others. Perhaps one day you will meet one these creatures, who knows? But be careful, each creature has its own temper, so I advise you to do some research.

St Patrick's Day:

Today is St Patrick's day!
The most expected celebration of the year. Ireland is literally a green world on this day, everyone is in the street and parade with costumes. The Shamrock is a meaningful symbol because it is associated with St Patrick, a saint who did a lot for the Irish in the past. Ireland is the nation of luck, remember this!

Ireland and its Identity:

Ireland is personified by several symbols.
Each one is an important part of the Irish Folklore. For example, our national rugby team sings the National Anthem before every single match. Moreover, behind all the traditions and symbols, there are stories. The Claddagh ring, which is known as a powerful representation of love, is a ring crafted by Richard Joyce, who was enslaved, for the woman he was supposed to get married with. Finally, he came back home, gave her the ring and she became his wife.

Are the Irish traditions crumbling?

Indeed, some people think that unfortunately, our customs are crumbling little by little with time, because the new generation does not pay attention to legends and traditions like before and children are not interested in the Folklore anymore. However, we have the will to keep our customs alive and we just live with our time without forgetting them.

So... why is it great to be Irish?

If you are Irish, you now know that you live in an amazing country with its own language, culture, and symbols! Ireland is a unique part of the world which has so much to offer and deserves more attention. Accordingly, you can be proud of it! And if you are not, I hope you have learnt a little more about Ireland. Come over to discover our beautiful homeland, we are waiting for you!

Dabouis Eléonore (year eleven)